Monday, 15 February 2016

Lady Beards Trend: "I have a better beard than my boyfriend"

The end of 2015 marked the beginning of hilariously viral and quite ingenious hair trend that brought women a step closer to their emancipation and left men totally envious. It was called the "lady beards".

Only in one night this strange trend has taken the internet by storm! All over the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter women decided to try something new with their hair and took part in so called Decembeard.

Having long, luxurious locks and some creativity, they intricately braided their hair into majestic, glorious and more ambitious beards than men have ever dared to dream of. 

Better late than never) I decided to try on the DIY lumberjack's beard and it turned out very funny))

As an extra, I also rocked some "lady mustaches" (LOL)

So, if you're a girl with long hair, you should definitely try "to grow" your own beard. You won't regret it, I promise ;) 

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